Traduction Allemand Francais Agreement

If you need a sworn German translator, you know you can count on Agetrad. How can I pick up my translations in the vocabulary coach? To be accepted by the administration, a German divorce must be translated by a sworn translator. The translation must then bear the signature, the stamp of the translator and the mention « certified original ». For this type of service, you can contact our team. Many cases will require you to use a sworn German translator. For example, if you want to establish an official file with a French public administration, only documents in French are accepted. So, if you have one of your documents in German, you have to have it translated, but not by all translators. The stamp of a sworn German translator is essential for the translation to be officially recognized and valid. This concerns many documents such as marriage certificate, driver`s license, will, possession of a vehicle, etc. If you need to translate an unofficial, technical or generalist document, a sworn translator guarantees a complete translation of the original document. A sworn German translator is entitled to translate any type of document, including official documents. A diploma, a birth certificate and a legislative act are therefore part of the non-exhaustive list of documents that can be translated.

At the same time, your sworn German translator is also able to support in official documents of a general or technical nature. We will come back to this type of request even later. Sworn German translator? Think of AGETRAD! For some translations, translated documents are not printed….

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