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Can we search for Index II or Online Document and how do I search for Index II or Online Document? To avoid fraud in real estate, it is necessary to make a real estate search. The purchase of real estate or the mortgage by scheduling, transaction search report is essential to verify the chain of the transaction history, must physically search all previously registered documents on related real estate. 1) To browse a particular document and index – II or 2) To browse all the registered documents of a particular property and its index – II and 3) To browse all the documents of a particular person or party and its index – I In the application, it is necessary to mention the information and period indicated above and affix 5 / – legal fee stamps (in the form of a label) to the application. Search fee: 25/- per year for the search for a property or the name for each name or property. The minimum royalties are 300 / – for the first 12 years and 25 / – per following year. Fees must be paid in cash. Application forms for research Click here Yes, Department of Registration and Stamp, Maharashtra State Government is the first to introduce « e Search » in real time in the country. The establishment is a free and paid search on the website of the Registration and Stamp Department, Maharashtra State Government, namely: free online search function: citizens can download for free. Paid online search: fees must be paid only online via the e-Search portal. « Search Fee » can also be used to perform the same physical search in the Office Sub-Registrar, you do not have to pay a fee again for the physical search. Note: e The search for loaded printed copies is not a certified copy(s) of the division.

Therefore, these documents/data are only used for informational purposes. (Cannot be treated as a legal copy). The links below are available for the convenience of users Free Search Link: Paid Search Link: portal/esearchlogin.aspx (information relating to links that belong to the Department of Registration and Stamps, Maharashtra State Government). This is the first time in the country!!! The data of the records made is updated in real time on eSearch. Please check just before transactions to prevent fraud. All data physically available in SR offices dating back to 1985 are available online for the suburbs of Mumbai Now are also the repository, eFiling & eRegistration Data are also available for research. The content of this website is published and managed by the Department of Stamps and Registration, Government Of Uttarakhand, India. If you have any questions about this site, please contact the Web Information Manager. There are 4 types of indexes created by the registration department and which are categories by document type, which are as follows. The index-2 is an extract from the registration office and register maintained by the stamp & registration department of the Government of the State of Maharashtra in India. Document type: deed of sale, contract of sale, deed of gift, transfer, mortgage credit, exchange of goods, etc.

Amount in return for the property. Details of the property, such as communal jurisdiction, area and sub-area with land marking, description of the object as C. T. S. number, survey number, hissa number, Gat number, floor number, etc. Land built in square meters, type of property like land housing unit (apartment/bedroom/bungalow), business unit (office/store) and industrial unit Name of parties Seller – Vendee(s) / Transferrer(s) – Transfereee(s) / Assignor(s) – Assignee(s) etc. Date of execution Document available for date of registration Registration number Serial number Stamp Stamp Paid payment of registration. Index II is an extract that is obtained after saving the property document. . . .

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