Republic Services Service Agreement

I have been a Customer of Republic Services for years and after the service fee for my smallest trash collection continued to rise, I decided to research alternatives and start a local business that showed a sincere interest in creating and maintaining my account at a lower cost, with helpful customer service. After cancelling the service by calling Republic`s local number and calling the container request before the next billing cycle, I received invoices saying I owed them more than $50 in moving expenses! And if they weren`t paid, they would call my account to a collection office. So, buyers are paying attention. In this way, Republic Services treats its loyal customers – calculate them the pickup of Republic property after « keeping » them for years for granted and their money. There is no « service » in Republic Services. I received a message on my phone from Republic Services: « Hello lisa from Republic Services, your trash can provider. All residential routes and most commercial routes will be delayed by one day for the entire holiday week. Please, you have a happy and safe holiday. Thank you very much. Since it`s Thanksgiving tomorrow, I called Republic to check the day of our garbage collection, either Thanksgiving or Friday. The customer service agent said, « Oh, your garbage service has already been recovered today. There will be no further collection this week. Your response is totally against the message received. We don`t walk in a lot of waste, but we have to go get our recycling.

Republic, do not leave phone messages with inaccurate false information. I am an old lady with a very limited fixed income who has been picked up by Republic garbage for several years. Your service was good, but the billing service is still a mess. Covid-19 plus the husband`s most recent illness erased more than 1/5 or our income. I struggled to finally get my Republic account so I could resign with zero credit on October 31, which I did. They had already charged $70.27 for the new quarter starting at Nov 01, for which I had no service from them and wouldn`t have it. They refuse to credit the entire bill with $70.27 (for nothing) and have re-billed for an additional $30.00 to get my old trash cans back, plus $26.10 $US in service fees, fuel adjustment, etc. I have been with Republic Services for some time. I recently cancelled my service with them and they charged me $45.91 to pick up their trash. It was out of reach.

I advise you to find another store if you are looking for a garbage service. This company increases my bill without notice. Almost 50% more. When I approached me to see why, they didn`t offer me an explanation, they just explained that there were garbage cans of different sizes. In addition to their dubious bill increase, their service was also poor. Sometimes they haven`t picked up our garbage cans, which is irritating, but it`s getting worse. .

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