Visa Waiver Agreement Of Mea

H-2B visas are for lay workers. A waiver has been granted to agricultural workers in this category, on which the U.S. food supply depends. Similarly, in category J-1, girls or au pairs – employed by the elite across the political spectrum – are excluded, while this would apply to scientists and researchers, with the exception of those from certain health sectors or disciplines or professors. H-4 visas are for spouses of H-1B workers and restrictions are related. Employees transferred by their companies to work in the United States get an L-1 visa. From 31 March 2013, Pakistani nationals over the age of 65 for the sole purpose of meeting friends or family will receive a 45-day visa upon arrival at the Attari-Wagah checkpoint, provided that the applicant presents a certificate of sponsorship of their contacts in India attesting that they are responsible for the visit of their Pakistani friend or relative. and who must also be countersigned by a DM, SP, SDM, Tehsildar, BDO, SHO, Group A officer of the state and central government or director/director of a government university or school who confirm that they know the sponsor personally. [80] This regime does not apply to those who wish to visit Punjab, Kerala and restricted areas and does not apply to those who have already been denied an Indian visa.

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