Cbc Radio Canada Collective Agreement

At this point, it would be the new premier`s attitude to collective bargaining that would inform how the province would tackle future bargaining. The vast majority of what you see and listen to in English and French on CBC Radio, TV and CBC.ca (outside Quebec) is done by guild members. Read more >> One of the hallmarks of the prime minister`s reign has been difficult negotiations that have often led to treaties and laws imposed bending the terms of agreements in favor of his government. Many of these treaties are now being challenged in court because they are unconstitutional. Our union would like to remind members that special leave remains an important provision of the collective agreement. Read more  » The contract of about 1100 highway workers, represented by the Union of Canadian Public Employees, expires on October 31. On the same day, the eight collective agreements for approximately 17,000 full-time positions at the Nova Scotia Health Authority and the IWK Health Centre expire. Each time you enter into a freelance contract with the CBC under the CMG/CBC collective agreement, you pay 1.55% of your gross payment in union dues. This means that you have the right to become a reputable member of the Canadian Media Freedom Association and that you are protected by certain sections of the collective agreement. The Canadian Freelance Guild does not represent a CBC freelancer and there are some benefits that CFG cannot currently extend to CBC freelancers. You can be a member of both unions, but if you are on freelance contracts for the CBC, we advise you to « claim your membership ». Go to this site. Finance Minister Karen Casey said at the time that changing the financial wedge would require hard work and would not happen quickly, and she said that layoffs are not items that the government sees as part of the effort.

« If the problem becomes that workers want to keep fighting for more and more than the province can`t pay, that would of course mean there should be fewer people. You will have to make that decision, and I look forward to continuing to work with them. Other ongoing contract negotiations include the Nova Scotia Association of Government Lawyers, which represents approximately 75 lawyers. The fact that a contract has expired or is about to expire does not mean that both parties are at the negotiating table. .

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