Agreement With Financial Advisor

The above points are the most important things to consider when reviewing your investment advisory contract. However, your agreement may also contain sections for: Joint Customers: The customer can only perform this contract in collaboration with the client`s spouse. If the customer and the customer`s spouse jointly perform this agreement, BrightPlan`s services are based on their common goals, communicated by one or two joint customers through the website or mobile app to BrightPlan. BrightPlan has the right to rely on the instructions and information provided by one of the two joint customers with respect to the Services. Joint customers agree that BrightPlan is not required to question the purpose or adequacy of a joint customer`s instructions or to notify a joint customer of changes made by the other joint customer through the site or mobile app. BrightPlan is not responsible for any claims or damages resulting from reliance on the instructions or information of a joint customer or a change in the status of the relationship between joint customers, subject to any rights of customers under federal and national law on valuable paper. In order to protect each joint customer, BrightPlan reserves the right to seek the written consent of both joint customers before acting on the direction of a single joint customer at any time, including but not in circumstances where BrightPlan considers that the joint customers have separated or that there is a dispute between the joint customers. Each joint customer acknowledges and agrees that BrightPlan has the right to share information received from a joint customer with the other joint customer, and each joint customer also agrees that BrightPlan`s communication with a joint customer (including through the website or mobile app) is considered effective in communicating with the other joint customer. All assurances or guarantees provided by the customer in this agreement are provided and taken into account by the two joint customers. acceptable to the indemnified party. The released party is responsible for settling a claim against the indemnified party.

However, the party entitled to the exemption may not settle its rights without the agreement of the indemnity party. Each investment advisory contract is structured differently. But generally speaking, you can expect you to check the one provided by your financial advisor. Tax Loss Harvest Program: BrightPlan or Subadvisor, as part of its strategy, will sell, from time to time and to the extent they deem appropriate, a security held by the account at a loss in order to offset potential capital gains and reinvest the proceeds of such sale in a security that BrightPlan or Subadvisor reasonably believes, that it is not substantially similar. All tax benefits of reaping the tax loss depend on the realization of capital gains in the same or a future tax period and may be subject to restrictions. This Tax Loss Harvest program only takes into account securities and transactions held in the account and not securities held by the client or the client`s spouse through another account. Transactions made outside the account and securities held outside the account may influence whether a loss is successfully collected and, if so, whether the loss can be used by the client to offset capital gains. The Tax Loss Harvest Program is not intended as tax advice, and BrightPlan gives no assurance that certain tax consequences will be generated by the Tax Loss Harvest Program. termination; Withdrawals.

This Agreement may be terminated by any party, with or without justification, by notice to the other party, which is transmitted by Customer to BrightPlan via the Website and BrightPlan to Customer via the Website, BrightPlan Mobile Application or primary email address provided by Customer, which is updated from time to time. At the time of effective termination, BrightPlan has no other obligations to Customer under this Agreement….

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