Rental Agreement No Candles

What clauses do you willingly agree to add to your lease? Where have you been in trouble with tenants in the past? Share your experience! « NO TUXEDO OF ANY TYPE ALLOWED IN OUR OUTDOOR DWELLINGS, FIREPLACES, CORRIDORS, CAR PARKS OR CONSTRUCTION FACILITIES EXCEPT FOR A DESIGNATED AREA. Tenants with clients who smoke will break the rental agreement and can count on eviction. I have a few features and I don`t care if the candles are used, how strange! Anyway, I take my rental property every two years. I use candles in my own home most nights and they never had me redecorated. Hardwood floors? Be sure to add a clause in the rental agreement that the tenant must protect the flooring with felt pads under their furniture legs, and no high heels (yes, we ask their customers to remove their shoes)! I had a fireplace in one of my apartments for rent and added a clause that it is only available for installation. It protects me from fire and grip from injury. As an owner, I am shocked by some of these rental contracts, no bikes, no candles, no BBQ, no birthday candles. I`ve rented mine for years and have never had any problems that was caused by any of the above things, I agree that it`s ott and seems unreasonable on the owner`s part, but to protect myself, I would check through the kidney agreement, as if by the mention I guess in writing about the candles they may be a reason not to return to bail. My first hand flat rental contract that has no TV or radio after 21.30 I had changed at the time of moving in, but the point is, it`s amazing what some people put in the fine print on chords that I can add to the strangeness. But mine is an apartment (in my possession) and it is the agree no visible wash thing – so I can`t do washing in my own garden except the garden is apparently communal. But the only access to it is above my apartment Only pets are allowed fish and a cage bird There was something about the decoration in approved colors, but I do not remember.

My father read it and said, « Please, please, you can only paint a wall in black, now I`ve read this? » Oh and inspections, apparently, but I never had any guarantee that you would include a clause in your tenancy agreement that if there is evidence of overuse, the tenant will pay the difference.

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