Ppl Interconnection Agreement

From time to time, PPL and its subsidiaries participate in negotiations with third parties on acquisitions, joint ventures and other agreements that may or may not lead to final agreements. For more information on the latest acquisitions and development activities, see The Closing Note 9. In 1999, when the contract damages quota was registered, PPL Montana defined the triggering events for which the damage forecast was to be reduced. A timetable has been established to reduce liability on the basis of planned purchases over the term of the contract expiring in 2010. Responsibility is reduced by the terms of the contract as an adaptation to « energy purchases » in the profit and loss account. In September 2003, NorthWestern filed an application with the Bankruptcy Court, including the re-election of the two five-year electricity contracts (in the amended version) and paying PPL Montana for the approximately $1.6 million in energy sales made just prior to the date of the insolvency application. In October 2003, the Bankruptcy Court passed an order for northWestern. NorthWestern paid, pursuant to the terms of Justice PPL Montana`s order, prior notification of energy sales and the parties resumed the monthly billing and payment agreements. About 79% or 3,115 of PPL`s international workers are members of trade unions. WPD represents the majority of international staff.

WpD recognizes five unions, the largest of which represents 38% of union members. WPD has two employment contracts that are negotiated with the unions. The electricity contract has 2,392 employees; it can be amended by agreement between WPD and the unions and can be terminated by both parties with a 12-month period. The other employment contract, called Meter Reading Services Handbook of Agreements, has 54 employees; it can be amended by an agreement between the WPD and the unions and may be terminated by written submissions from both parties. PPL Susquehanna has entered into an agreement that, including options, meets all of its manufacturing requirements until 2006. Assuming that uranium and other components of the nuclear fuel cycle are filled, deliveries under this agreement may allow sufficient production to allow unit 1 to enter service until the first quarter of 2008 and Unit 2 until the first quarter of 2007.

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