Paris Climate Agreement Ias Parliament

Piers Forster, director of the Priestley International Centre for Climate at the University of Leeds, called the decision to withdraw « a sad day for evidence-based policy » and expressed hope that some Americans, businesses and states would choose to decarbonize. Climate scientist Dave Reay, from the University of Edinburgh, said, « The United States is coming to the streets today. » The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) said in a statement by its president Antonio Busalacchi Jr. that the decision to withdraw « does not mean that climate change will disappear » and warned that « the increased potential for greenhouse gas emissions poses a significant threat to our communities, our businesses and the military. » The Foundation for Information Technology and Innovation called the decision to withdraw « very disheartening » and said it would reduce confidence in international efforts to combat climate change; The technology think tank called for federal efforts on « smart grid, energy storage, carbon capture and sequestration, as well as advanced nuclear and solar energy, » and warned, « Without a smart and aggressive clean energy innovation strategy, the world will not avoid the worst consequences of climate change. » [56] Trump`s exit from the Paris agreement will affect other countries by cutting financial assistance to the Green Climate Fund. [12] The end of US funding of $3 billion will have a final impact on climate change research and will reduce society`s chances of meeting the Paris Agreement goals and omit U.S. contributions to future IPCC reports. [13] [14] Trump`s decision will also affect CO2 emission space and carbon prices. [15] The withdrawal of the United States will also mean that the place where the global climate regime can be adopted will be accessible to China and the EU. [16] On August 4, 2017, in an official statement addressed to the United Nations as a custodian, the Trump administration officially announced its intention to revoke the withdrawal. [45] In a separate statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it would continue to participate in international climate change negotiations, including discussions on the implementation of the climate agreement.

[46] [47] Several environmental groups such as the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council have condemned Trump`s decision. [62] [63] American environmentalist and writer Bill McKibben, founder of the Climate Change Action Group, called it « a stupid and ruthless decision – our nation`s stupidest act since the start of the Iraq war. » McKibben wrote that Trump`s decision to step down « is a complete rejection of two civilizing forces on our planet: diplomacy and science. » He asked the United States:

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