Grant Agreement Process

The negotiation process involves several steps – from the preparation of the updated proposal to the signing of the grant agreement – and requires the project coordinator and project partners to meet a number of formal requirements. For example, the first participants in H2020 must be registered and validated by the services of the European Commission. After accepting your grant, you will be appointed EU project manager with the EC in Brussels. He or she will be your interlocutor during your project. In case of problems, problems or questions, it can inform you on how to solve your problem. Don`t hesitate to contact the EU project manager. Remember: they are not there to annoy you, they want the project to be as successful as you! The GAA signing process is exactly the same as the GA signing process. You can refer to the GA signature process (above in this article) for more detailed instructions on the subject. The UNIGE Principal Investigator (PI) immediately informs the search services (RS) – see contact below – which provide all the useful information and guide the process. The Senior Auditor should have obtained the necessary approvals at the time of the project`s submission in the relevant cases (PIs not having The status of Professor/MER). Permissions should be confirmed when the grant preparation process is introduced. If the consortium has decided not to sign its grant during the pre-grant phase, it can initiate the termination process through the IT tool for grant management.

Look at the detailed screens and descriptions in the termination before signing the grant. An Assistant Humanitarian Coordinator may act on behalf of the Humanitarian Coordinator for the MSG, provided that he or she has the appropriate access role. If there is any doubt or problem, the HFU may contact its respective fcs desk officer to request assistance in this matter. Once the required access has been granted, the Assistant HC may follow the instructions described above. During the grant contract phase, you must provide the necessary information within a specified time frame. These delays can be very short: sometimes only a few days. A conclusion outside of this period may result in the loss of your grant. So be sure to start preparing on time and keep deadlines in mind to avoid unnecessary stress and frustration when rushing to the appointment. Catalyze offers you the opportunity to remain totally insensible throughout the grant agreement phase (and during the rest of the project). We help grant agreements when submitting a proposal – so you can start your project without having to worry about administrative details. In addition, we can provide project management services throughout the project.

Grant preparation is a well-structured process, with tight deadlines and many administrative tasks. During this period, the funding agency and the successful candidates negotiate the future contract, the grant agreement. For example, under Horizon 2020 (H2020), this process is expected to take up to three months, in accordance with the H2020 rules; Sometimes, however, in practice, it takes a little longer. Successful applicants are informed within 5 months of filing the application in H2020. This is the beginning of the preparation of the grants. Comments (optional): You have the option to add comments when you send the GA for the final signing of the EO. Performance Index – Options (compulsory): GA`s signature process is taken into account in the performance evaluation.

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