Gallery Consignment Agreement

one. From the artist to the gallery, the artist is worn by the artist. From the gallery to the artist, Gallery C is worn. From the gallery to another point that the artist is carried by the gallery In the best relationships based on trust and a good working relationship, there is no substitute for a contract. In order to minimize potential conflicts and hopefully avoid them, the rights and obligations of the artist and the gallery should be clearly included in a contract. Don`t rely on assumptions and memories of verbal conversations. A good contract, such as the consignment contract developed by the Professional Guidelines Committee, is fair to both parties. It is in the interest of both parties to discuss all of the issues that have been presented here. The contract describes the responsibilities and rights of the gallery and the artist. When you start with Consignment Reports, you first get the basics. A mailing report must contain a mailing number that will help you and the gallery track a specific delivery, your contact information, the dealer or gallery contact information and the delivery date. Read here how to create record reports with the Archive artwork. The mailing reports will help you and the gallery track what you have delivered, what has been sold and what needs to be returned.

It is helpful for you and the gallery to keep a copy of the mailing report handy to ensure that all your work is taken into account (sold or returned to you). Accounting for a unique work of art. For a type artwork with a sale price of $500 or more, the gallery provides the name, mailing address and telephone number of the client/collector who purchases the artwork. The artist undertakes not to contact the client to sell works of art directly to the client, and the gallery is informed or receives a copy of a communication between the artist and the client that relates to this work of art as long as the contract remains in effect. 15. Interest in safety. The property and security interest of the works of art or proceeds of sale shipped under this agreement are reserved for the artist. The works of art are not covered by the claims of the gallery`s creditors. The gallery undertakes to execute and provide the artist, in the form desired by the artist, with a financial statement and other documents that the artist may require to enhance his interest in the safety of works of art. In the case of the purchase of works of art by a party other than the gallery, the title passes directly from the artist to the buying company.

If a work of art is purchased by the gallery, the title will only be transferred to the artist if all the sums due are paid in full. The Gallery recognizes that it has no right and that it may mortgage or incriminate the works of art in its possession and that it still creates a tax or obligation for which the artist may be held responsible. Another important aspect of a consignment contract is when the gallery/store leaves the store. Their work is protected (by the contract) against creditors who want to claim in an inventory the money owed. 6. Accounting. The gallery provides the artist with a monthly accounting for the equipment. The first accounting given on the __________day of ` , 200` Accounting determines each work of art sold during the accounting period and the location of all works of art shipped to the gallery that have not been sold. In the event of termination of this contract, a complete and complete accounting must be provided. Here are a few details to make sure your mailing report covers if it is not explicitly covered by an initial consignment agreement, or if there are changes for that consignment period.

While consignment agreements are generally broader than a mailing report and contain cross-cutting trade agreements, there are still cases where you want to be aware of representation restrictions or expectations in a consignment report for a given job.

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