Unisuper Enterprise Agreement

Although the exclusivity clauses of the funds represent a small part of the business agreements, the bill is likely to have a significant impact on the large sector funds Cbus, UniSuper and TWUSuper. TWU Secretary of State Michael Kaine said his union`s agreements were blocked at TWUSuper because they offered tailored insurance for truck drivers. Unions are urging Labor to block the Morrison government`s proposed ban on workers using only unionist over-starvation funds, after the party proposed supporting the law. The government law your Super, Your Choice Bill prohibits enterprise agreements conditions that require workers to use superfunds supported by unions, that workers already have a fund. « Maintaining the possibility that these collective agreements will continue does not preclu her control by the Fair Work Commission, which I would support, » the letter states. . 25.8. If changes to the SSC or PSS during the duration of this agreement give workers the opportunity to reduce their contributions, the parties will discuss the possibility of increasing the flexibility of workers` contributions to the CSS and the SSP. The university will ensure that it maintains adequate employer coverage for employees who are members of the CSS and the PSS. Submission by Australian Mines and Metals Association . AM2014/169 Submissions from the Australian Institute of Marine and Power Engineers – others .

. . . AM2014/57 and 58 Successor Fund Transfer Deed from Statewide Super . AM2014/159 Application from Rio Tinto Staff Fund Pty Ltd and Rio Tinto Ltd . . « If the bill is passed, UniSuper says it should seriously consider offering the product to members and closing down access to one of the most advantageous retirement results for hundreds of thousands of members. » AM2014/162 Filing by Macquarie Group Services Australia Pty Ltd . . . the applicant has identified information in its application that it considers to be confidential or commercially sensitive. Confidential or commercially sensitive information is currently being reviewed by the expert panel in 156C (6) of the Fair Work Act 2009. Information that the applicant has classified as commercially sensitive or confidential has been published, while the panel examines confidentiality or sensitivity to trade with respect to published information.

25.10. When an agent sacrifices the salary under section 26 (victim of salary and deductions), the employer contribution is based on the pre-sacrificed salary of the agent. AM2014/177 FWC Summary of information identified by the applicant as confidential or commercially sensitive AM2014/109 application of BEST Superannuation Pty Ltd and Goldman Sachs Australia Services Pty Ltd . 25.9. The salary on which contributions are calculated is not less than what is defined in the UniSuper Trust certificate and includes the rates payable to casual workers.

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