Trec Forms Lease Agreement

ddavis I understand that « property managers » must be laid off now. You say that the management of a condo complex is different? Please tell us the circumstances that would waive this requirement. TREC should try to simplify real estate transactions and not constantly complicate what needs to be done to sell a home. In fact, real estate is so lagging behind in technical efficiency that it has become ridiculous. Officers were unloaded from the computer. The real question remains, why is it necessary for agents to be fired? They show a house derived from a list that the buyer provides from his web search. No effort here. They fill out a can form that mostly protects agents and brokers. You`re telling people that these shapes should be used? Really, not in… Read more  » However, directly from the TREC website, on which these forms are stored: « Communication on the use of contract forms as public records, contract forms accepted by the Texas Real Estate Commission are available to anyone.

Real estate licensees are required to use these forms. However, trec forms are primarily intended for real estate agents or licensed sales agents who are trained in their correct use. Errors in the use of a form can result in financial losses or an unenforceable contract. The people who use these forms take care of all the risks associated with their proper use. If… Read more « You`re right Shirley TREC forms should not be available to the public. You and I and we all know that they are always abused, because, as you mentioned above, friends help friends. But no one will know. Why would TAR publish such a question without posting the same question on TAR forms…? « Many of the forms we use every day are provided by ART, not TREC. The rules are different. If you want to address a topic for educational purposes, you should cover the whole subject.

I don`t agree that these forms are available to people without a license! As these forms are not password protected, neighbors write contracts for neighbors, friends write contracts for friends, parents write contracts for loved ones, ALL without a license! Nevertheless, I have to keep a license to do what they do without one. Not to be fair. I have already contacted TREC about this problem and was told that they simply did not have the manpower to do their job! Huh………. not sure I have a comment for this……. Thank you, Judy! « We pay our fees to get a license, and we can only use the advertised forms because we have a license! So why should they be offered to the public? « A lot of people use Texan forms that don`t know anything about real estate. And some of them show other people how to use them without a license. « Doctors don`t give the public an empty prescription form to fill it out themselves, so why not behave like other professionals…? I only deal with TREC forms or TAR forms or, in principle, any form I have had to pay in cash and time to qualify. TREC forms and other real estate agent forms used by friends, even if not granted, will be sent to title companies. The public should not use these forms and securities companies should not be able to accept these forms, which are completed by the public.

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