The Unity Of Religion Agreement

Do you know why we lay down? We have spread because there is so much need for a religion like unity. People need help. You need it here and now, in this world, because it is here and now that we live in this world. Unity is one here and now; A seven-day week, this religion of the world. One of the fundamental principles of the Bah`ie faith is that religious truth is not absolute, but relative. The teachings of the different religions of the world are considered « facets of a truth. » [16] Baha`s texts contain statements of a dualistic nature (z.B. in the Book of Certainty) and statements of a monique nature (z.B. in the Seven Valleys and hidden words). [17] Moojan Momen, in his translation of the commentary of « Abdu`l-Bah » on the tradition « I was a hidden treasure », notes that the differences between dualist and monistic opinions are reconciled by the doctrine that these opposing views are caused by differences in the observers themselves, and not by the fact that this is observed. [18] This is not a position of « higher truth/lower truth. » God is not recognizable.

For man, it is impossible to obtain any knowledge of God or the Absolute, because any knowledge you have is relative. [17] [19] Theological differences about God are caused by imagination, for God`s beings cannot be described. [16] Less stress is given to metaphysical materials, while ethics and social action are emphasized. [17] [19] In any case, the mission of the Church is not to bring peace to the world, but to obtain the eternal salvation of all men, instilling the Gospel and baptizing them in faith. In 1988, Cardinal Ratzinger declared that Catholic participation in an interfaith peace concert was « impossible because of the nature of the Church. » He said that the Church would not participate in a meeting that would bring together the world`s religions on the theme of peace, because the Church « is not able to achieve peace by force…… It should not turn into a kind of pacifist political movement where the acquis of eternal peace in the world would be its raison d`exist. He said that church leaders had received « no mandate for this » from Jesus. Baha`i teachings say that there is only one religion that God is gradually revealing by prophets/messengers for humanity, as humanity matures and its ability to understand grows. According to the State of Baha, the external differences in religions are due to the demands of time and place where religion was revealed. [4] « We must all be united in our faith and in our knowledge of the Son of God, until we become the perfect man, who will mature with the fullness of Christ himself » (Ep 4:13 BJ). With its call to unity in truth and the life of truth in charity, the Letter to the Ephesians represents Christian life as the growth of a mature body or, in another passage, as the construction of a edifice of which Christ is the cornerstone. The goal is an completeness, a perfection, a fullness that awaits us and to which every Christian and the Christian community as a whole must grow.

Ecumenical dialogue between separated Christians is part of this process of growth. Its purpose is not to give a statement on the essential, which allows one Church to measure the orthodoxy of another, but to deepen, strengthen and enrich the lives of both. The Second Vatican Council states in the Constitution on Divine Revelation: « There is an increase in understanding of the realities and the words transmitted. … As the centuries follow, the Church constantly moves towards the fullness of divine truth until God`s words in it reach their full fulfillment » (Dei Verbum 8). Churches emerging from the isolation imposed by the divisions of the past find that they are able to contribute to the growth of the other in the fullness of divine truth.

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