The Four Agreements In The Workplace

More information about five simple chords can be found in the following pages. These agreements with yourself in your personal and professional life ensure your place as one of the new leaders in today`s changing workplace. If you`re ready to start, turn the feuille and introduce you to the new agreements in the workplace: while the four agreements have been written to help people live better lives, with greater integrity and less difficulty, the same principles can also help us become happier and more prosperous in the workplace. In this interactive and informative program, participants: `Learn and understand what the four agreements` are based on the work of Don Miguel Ruiz – Check each agreement and apply them to real work scenarios – Develop strategies to integrate agreements into your leadership approach and learn how to overcome obstacles to implementation In his book The Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz distills the essence of Toltec wisdom into four principles I recently listened to the audible book « The Four Accords » by Don Miguel Ruiz. Based on the wisdom of Toltec who has a philosophy or lifestyle based on the key concept that we do not see at all life; What we are really seeing is our filtering system, which consists of our beliefs, our expectations, our agreements and our assumptions. It can be difficult to learn and apply the four principles simultaneously. But conscious attention to them will help you learn other ways to respond to people and difficult situations. If you start practicing all four chords for the first time, you may break them. It`s normal and predictable, Ruiz says. The more you practice them and the more you avoid the bad arrangements you have set for yourself in the past, the better you maintain the four successful agreements. Be persistent in coordination with the four chords, and they will soon become good habits that will determine your life. The Four Workplace Agreements As a personal, professional and organizational guide, can you imagine how much better companies would work and whether we were using the four best-selling agreements by Miguel Ruiz? The chords are so simple, but so powerful.

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