Fort Worth Police Meet And Confer Agreement

Learn more about the process of creating the agreement and what the proposed agreement will mean for Fort Worth, its police officers and the Community. Discover the agreement and work contract between the City of Fort Worth and the Fort Worth Police Officers Association (FWPOA) at a virtual public meeting from 05.30 to 7 July 21. Residents can follow the meeting live in a variety of ways: representatives from the city, police and FWPOA are available for any questions. This press release was written by the City of Fort Worth. The opinions expressed here are the author`s own. Send questions in advance July 6-15 by email. During the event, residents can submit questions via social media and by phone. A phone number is given during transmission. If you can`t see the live broadcast, it will be visible on the Fort Worth City Hall Youtube channel and in the FWTV video library. . Santa Claus looks like what the kids want.

And #MeToo, Mrs. Claus might say. It keeps everything running at the North Pole and is part of the main act.

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