Finance Service Level Agreement

In this service level agreement, the following definitions apply: To use data analysis techniques, to generate valuable business opportunities and identify ways to change working methods, processes and procedures to ensure continuous improvement in financial efficiency and financial service. We understand that your service priorities or requirements may change slightly each year, as we have agreed, as part of the ALS agreement, what can be provided as part of the resources available this year. Finance Systems will provide our clients with a comprehensive service including: Applications for important work must be approved by the financial transformation manager, taking into account the necessary resources, their costs and their impact on the delivery of other services within alS. The AP-SLA may require the BPO provider to achieve a 98% accuracy rate for invoice processing, which significantly reduces the amount of errors. Another client may prioritize processing speed to avoid residue build-up. Quick responses to supplier requests are another common priority of AP service level metrics, in order to maintain strong relationships. The best BPO suppliers evaluate their team`s performance using agreed KPIs that are monitored and reported weekly to ensure the quality of work during the month. These measures are monitored and declared in addition to the measures agreed for the level of service agreement. Figures are communicated to the company through a real-time dashboard and/or monthly audit. When customers provide certain levels of access to internal systems, exceptional BPO providers can even create dashboards that allow customers to view metric power in real time. A credit dashboard could show, for example. B, how many invoices are being processed, where they are in this process and why some people are waiting to be processed.

Ultimately, the key to exceptional customer service comes down to customer satisfaction. But making customers happy while providing efficient service and cost control can seem like contradictory efforts. The most common S.A. in the area of after-sales services in the OPL sector helps to reconcile and harmonize these objectives. The supply of SLA-KPIs is based on interdependencies between Finance Systems and its customers. The client`s responsibility for this ALS is shown below. To provide a complete service, it is necessary for our customers: the SLAs in the BPO sector are ultimately determined by the unique needs of an organization and the metrics most important to its success. There really is no « One Size fits all » set of metrics. In this blog, however, we give an overview of the valuable service level metrics that companies can take into account as part of their BPO contracts. And in a customer service-related ALS, KPIs can measure: The main goal of ALS is to define and explain performance expectations and establish accountability. It is therefore essential to balance the need for specific measurement standards with appropriate adaptive capacity.

A typical trap is inadequate monitoring or « micromanagement » of the service provider, which can make it more difficult for bank staff to monitor the service provider relationship and monitor ALS. Service level metrics also help to put problems into perspective. While the cause may still need to be corrected, five mishandled invoices become less alarming if it is clear that another 20,000 were properly processed during the same period. On the other hand, a sudden increase in errors requires further analysis. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are contractual terms that document the service standard agreed between the bank and the service provider and the quality of service. SLA is an important element in the implementation of a strong outsourcing contract. The ALS ensures that the institution receives the required benefits at the required price and standard.

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