Express Ambassador Agreement

(4) Bonus manipulation is prohibited. These include sponsorship of partners who do not participate in commercial activities for VERWAY (also known as shell suppliers) and open or hidden testing in multiple registrations, as long as this is prohibited. The use of the names of spouses, parents, business names, companies, partnerships, trusts or other third-party names to circumvent this provision is also prohibited. Brand ambassadors are also prohibited from encouraging third parties to sell or buy products in order to gain a better position in the career plan, to manipulate the group bonus or other bonus manipulations. (d) VERWAY may replace defective products during the warranty period or, if agreed with the brand ambassador, reduce the price or issue credits to the brand ambassador`s eWallet instead of a replacement. Only if VERWAY fails to correct the defect within a reasonable time will brand ambassadors have the right to cancel the order in accordance with the law, reduce the invoice or claim damages or damages. Private courts are considered to have failed after a second unsuccessful attempt, unless otherwise indicated, in part because of the nature of the product, the defect or other circumstances. When claims for damages or compensation are claimed, VERWAY`s liability is limited, as described in .9 of the company`s guidelines. (1) Active ambassadors who recruit a new brand ambassador for the distribution of VERWAY products will have the new brand brand brand as a brand ambassador assigned to its structure in accordance with the career plan and the investment requirements set out in it (protection of brand ambassadors); This placement depends on the date and time of the application of the new brand ambassador at VERWAY.

The possibility of changing the « investment position » of a sponsored partner directly or indirectly is not possible. (12) Commissions are paid monthly according to VERWAY`s payment and payment terms at the express request of the brand ambassador. VERWAY reserves the right to pay commissions that pay at least 50.00 euros. In the event that the minimum payment threshold is not reached, commissions will continue to be held in the VERWAY commercial account for the brand ambassador and will be paid with monthly payments as soon as the minimum payment is reached.

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