Difference Between Master Service Agreement And Statement Of Work

MSA is the original document of the business relationship between the customer and the supplier. SOW defines the specific services that the provider must provide to the customer. Ideally, the MSA should reflect what a professional services company appreciates in a current customer relationship. An MSA will likely need a language to ensure that both parties will continue to respect the aspects of the agreement that will remain in place after termination (for example. B respect for mutual confidentiality). Although titles/formats may be different in all cases, each MSA you/your company will check through a professional services company may have all the following sections and sections: First, there should be a section that specifies that the Master Services Agreement exists, with the exception of contracts for certain services that you will perform with your company over time. It is important to approve how the implementation of work assessments and refusals is managed in this situation. Master Service Agreement (MSA) is the main document in the middle of the supplier and the customer who maintains a legal business relationship within the supplier and the customer with respect to the provision of certain goods/services. In the event of termination, there may be conditions for the completion of the work in progress. Normally, we work with them over an average period of more than 2 years. However, this relationship is generally structured across several projects/areas of work.

SOW provides detailed information on the performance, requirements, standards and criteria of each phase of the project. It becomes a « directive » for the parties to determine what is « in the scope » and « not on the scope. » This is why a well-structured working statement prevents conflicts between the parties and makes the outsourcing process safe. Work instruction (SOW) is the right solution to this question. During the duration of the MSA, if there is a specific request from the customer, the client and supplier will execute a work statement reflecting the conditions associated with such a specific project requirement.

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