Dcta Agreement

DCTA works for members, teachers and all students at Denver Public School to ensure that our district provides Denver Students Deserve Schools. To check all contracts negotiated by DCTA and other important agreements, click on the links below. You`ll find information about educational resources that DCTA members can use to improve their skills in a left-hand image of important resources. « I am very grateful to our educators for the commitment and adaptability you have shown in recent months and I am pleased that our close partnership with DCTA has continued, » Cordova wrote in a letter to DPS staff. « There was a sense of common purpose and cooperation that led to today`s discussions, and this quickly allowed us to reach an agreement. » The agreement also provides for adjustments to the teachers` work schedule for the 2020-2021 school year. An additional planning day will be added before the start of the school year to allow for further coronavirus-related adaptations. This workday will be funded by federal law CARES dollars, Cordova said. A teacher planning day planned for the school year is abolished. Teachers who use a specialized service provider will receive in October a scholarship « equivalent to eight hours for the average pay and salary of the DCTA bargaining unit for Student Assistance due to the COVI-19 pandemic, » the letter states. The agreement also provides for teachers to receive their initial contractual increases for years of service and advanced university degrees. The agreement must be approved by the Denver Board of Education and membership of the DCTA, Cordova said in the letter. These votes are expected in the coming days. The Board of Education is likely to vote on the full DPS 2020-2021 budget on June 29.

DENVER – Denver Public Schools have agreed with the Denver Classroom Teachers Association on the revised terms of contract, as announced by Superintendent DPS on Friday morning. According to a statement by DPS Superintendent Susana Cordova to DPS staff, under the new agreement, teachers would receive a 0.5% pay increase on August 1 of this year. If Denver voters agree to an increase in the mill tax, which is expected to run in the November election, the cost of living increase will increase by another 0.5%, which would take effect on January 1, 2021. « There was a sense of common purpose and cooperation that led to today`s discussions, and this quickly allowed us to reach an agreement. » DENVER (KDVR) – Denver Public Schools (DPS) and the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) reached an interim agreement Thursday night on revised contract terms. During the discussions, Cordova said that both groups had focused on preventing layoffs and passing on as many resources as possible to schools, classrooms and staff. It stated that a « decisive factor » in managing this credit reduction was its strong financial management. READ ALSO: DPS teachers have asked to abandon hard-won increases because the closure linked to LA COVID pays tribute to budgets Interested in becoming a National Board Certified Teacher? Visit his website to find out everything you need to know. Will become a more culturally reactive and effective teacher: UCD School of Education`s Centre CRUE (Culturally Responsive Urban Education) offers professional learning resources and opportunities for educators.

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