Collective Agreement Gt Group

The results of the Labour Force Survey show how pay rates for TC hourly rates compare to those in the private sector. As shown in the graph below, the median salary of TC employees is higher than the 87th percentile in the private sector. Although the private sector is not a direct comparator for the TC group, the government must take into account the salaries of the federal public service in relation to the salaries of the many Canadians whose taxes are paid for public services – through income tax and/or GST. In addition, the comparisons contain a number of improvements at the government level that increase the total value of changes to collective agreements. These include the introduction of new violence and home care leave provisions, the improvement of maternity and parental leave allowances, and the extension to the definition of the family, which broadens the scope of certain leave provisions. The employer therefore sees no justification for the introduction of new remuneration if no recruitment or commitment problems have been demonstrated for the subgroup. M25.12 Notwithstanding the contrary element of this agreement, the performance of a possible change in working time does not result in overtime or additional pay as a result of this amendment, and it is not considered to prohibit the employer`s right to plan the hours of work authorized by the present terms of this agreement. Therefore, any language within a collective agreement indicating that compensation is part of the salary and is eligible for the pension is insignificant and has no legal value for determination within the meaning of the PSSA. The employer is proposing to negotiate improvements for the TC group that are similar to those negotiated to date with 34 federal public service groups. The employer`s detailed position on the various pending positions can be found in Parts III and IV of the Employers` Letter. As noted above, the employer is prepared to consider the measures specific to the economic group mentioned above as part of the 1% financial framework. In addition, the Classification Directive already requires departments to regularly and as soon as possible check job descriptions when significant changes occur or new work is affected.

The job description contains information about the employee`s position, validity date and position number of the line manager, as well as the group and level. As agreed by the parties on November 25, 2019, the employer`s recommendations regarding outstanding proposals, customary for all PSAC groups, will be addressed as part of the PA Group PIC procedure, scheduled for December 4-7, 2019.

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