City Of Port Phillip Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

So your vote counts, please make sure you do. Once a vote has taken place, if the agreement stagnates by a majority, the agreement will enter into force as soon as it has been approved by the Commission. If the agreement is rejected, negotiations will continue. Learn more about our application process and proof tools by downloading our online application guide (PDF 1.15 MB). It is important that MPs read the agreement to ensure that they make an informed decision at the start of the vote on 9 December. People love working in the city of Port Phillip because we are a welcoming, healthy and inclusive workplace. We offer a vibrant and diverse work environment in which our employees can evolve both professionally and personally, while planning and providing a number of services and programs important to the community. E-mail: 03 9209 6741 Next steps? Members should be aware that their agreement will be different as a result of the consolidation work undertaken this year to consolidate the agreement and jointly allocate it. The city of Port Phillip is a vibrant and creative city council with a spectacular suburb. It is one of Melbourne`s most visited neighbourhoods and is known for its creativity, inclusion, ingenuity, sustainability and entrepreneurial spirit. We offer more than 100 programs and services to support and enable our many residents, businesses and visitors. The employee access period to familiarize themselves with the new agreement and its amendments begins today and ends on December 8. The ASU has worked hard to ensure that all preferential conditions have been included in this new agreement and we hope that it will be easier and easier for members to read and understand them.

The adoption of changing priorities is essential to creating a safe and flexible employment environment in the public service. The parties recognized the importance of ensuring that employees could be used reactively to support government priorities. The recruitment website works best with modern web browsers, including: this has been a difficult year of negotiations, and we have not gotten everything that members have requested, but a list of some of the gains we have been able to achieve for members in all areas of the Council.

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